Shores Design provides software development and graphics programming services via freelance / contract / consulting projects with lead developer Dan Shores

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Graphics Programming

This is our bread and butter. Dan has five years of professional experience with WebGL and Three.js for web graphics, and is currently working on expanding services to include C++ projects with Vulkan/OpenGL

Desktop Applications

Dan has five years of professional experience building desktop applications using C++ for native and Electron for hybrid/cross-platform applications

Web Applications

Dan has three years of professional experience working with web applications hosted on Google Cloud using D3.js and Three.js for data visualizations, and always enjoys learning new environments for web development


Although not our primary focus, we would be happy to discuss making you a website using WordPress, React, or Vue.js, especially if you have a sustainability-focused and/or local business

Live Demos

Check out some projects and demos representative of Dan’s past work



WebGL Shaders

Industry Experience

Dan Shores has eight years of industry experience in product design, software engineering, and graphics programming. He started in medical device development but has spent the majority of his career in the Additive Manufacturing industry.

Dan co-founded Fortify based in Boston in 2016, where he developed the software tools to design prints and run the advanced materials 3D-printer. He also built up the software team that is continuing to develop these tools today.

Now he is focused on other industries in hopes of applying his expertise to projects that focus on sustainability, social improvement, and/or positive technological advancements.

Dan Shores

Dan is a Software Engineer from the Boston area where he received his master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and co-founded the successful startup Fortify. He was selected with his co-founders for the 2020 Forbes 30-under-30 Manufacturing & Industry list.

Outside of programming, Dan enjoys traveling with his wife, skiing, canoe camping, cats, and learning new genres of music.


Please contact us if you are interested in Dan’s software engineering and graphics programming services such as contract projects or consulting hours to advice on a project. We would also love to hear from you even if you don’t have a project in mind and just want to say hi!


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